Organic Retreats

The organic craze has swept the world, appealing to the health-conscious and environmentalists. Wikipedia defines organic as agriculture without fake fertilizer and pesticides, regulations, and additives... chemicals too. Instead, farmers rely on natural methods such as crop rotation, manure, and mechanical cultivation. According to the international organic farming organisation IFOAM, organic agriculture should keep ecosystems and its organisms healthy. Why do chefs go organic? It tastes better! Natural nutrients in soil means natural plant growth and development, which means better taste. Growing and eating organic, while expensive, is a great way to help preserve the earth in addition to one's own health. Kids are exposed to at least 8 cancer-causing pesticides 4 times as much as adults! Therefore, food choices can have a great impact.

narampanawa kukuloya, Kandy Sri lanka
Eco friendly nature resort.Yoga and Ayurvedha retreat.We do work as meditation bronze casting stone carving painting jewelery makin...