Dürnbachstr. 9 Schliersee, Bayern
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Yoga holidays through out the year in untouched pure nature and peaceful surrounding will give you a sense of deep relaxation, inner peace and you will gain new energy. Let go off daily life to experience the relaxation of yoga. yoga postures relieve from physical tensions, bring vitality and strenghten the immune system.

The breathing exercises purify the whole body system and will give you new energy. The healthy food purifies the body and refreshes the mind. Yoga holidays are also for beginners, without any previous knowledge.

As an individual coming for yoga holiday, you are welcome any time of the year and you may stay as long as you like.

Costs are including over-night-stay, morning and evening meditation, mantra chanting, short lectures, 2 yoga classes daily and two organic/veg. meals a day.

You may arrange your holidays just as you like - you can go for a walk, a bicycle ride, for a swim at the lake or you can just BE in silence, relax and enjoy the wonderful nature and the fresh, clean air.


The YOGA HAUS Samvit is like an oasis of peace. It is beautiful, close to the forest situated on a hill. The ground covers a garden of 6000qm with lake view and you can hear the calming sound of the Duernbach-brook which passes near the house. The village Schliersee is acknowledged as an air health resort with a very beneficial climate for curing ailments. The area is called the Miesbacher Oberland, which is known as „the heart of Bavaria“.

We offer you a comprehensive program for relaxation and refreshment - far away from stress, noise and pollution. You can choose from a great variety of yoga classes/workshops or you can come for „yoga-holidays“.

The house is lovely arranged with style/charme and you can enjoy the program, the organic pure vegetarien food, the beautiful surrounding of the Schliersee (lake) and also our special offers like sauna, ayurvedic treatments and massages. The house is open through out the year. You may arrive, drop in, at any time.


Dürnbachstr. 9, Schliersee, Bayern 83727

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