Lightworker Retreat

Zakopane, ma?opolskie
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Disability Friendly


- Healing
- Balancing the chakra system and unblocking blocked chakras.
- Chakra massage
- Aura cleansing
- Removal of implants
- Diet evaluation and regulating deficiencies
- Meditation and breathing exercise
- Learn how to develop and strengthen your perceptions and how to feel someone else's energy field
- Improving self-esteem related issues

Personal analysis:

- Find out about your past lives on either this planet or others. We will look at which of your past reincarnations have the most influence on your current reincarnation

- Your current stage in the transformation process. What you need to do to speed up your process

- The age of your soul and from where it comes from

- Relationship relating issues. You can get help with understanding your relationships and see with who you are compatible with at a structural/fractal level

- Contact with your guides

- Find out your abilities (what you are good at or could be good at and have predispositions of)

- The current state of your mind

- Your problems, fears and blockages

- Find our if you have any wrong and harmful programs activated in your mind. If you do, Monika will work on deleting those or give you an exercise that she gets from her sources personally adapted for you so that you can delete this program

- State of your physical body. Monika will examine if there is any illnesses or disharmony in your body


Join us on a journey with an incredible lightworker that will change your life and find out information about yourself that will leave you in awe and help you in your transformation process.

Monika Rajska is an extra terrestrial lightworker with unbelievable perceptions, ability to see other dimensions flawlessly and outstanding healing abilities. She has helped hundreds of people with her analysis in Poland and she is the coauthor to the book “Hyperphysics, between chaos and consciousness” that has just been released in English.

Work side by side with Monika in the beautiful mountains of Zakopane in Poland and find out what you need to do to grow as a spiritual being!

Lightworker Retreat

Zakopane, ma?opolskie 34500

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"Morskie oko" - A very good energetic point where we will meditate and connect with all elements.

Dunajec river raft tour- One of the most popular Polish mountain attractions with spectacular views.

Krakow trip to Wawel - Earth chakra point

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