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Our mission at Sacred Spirit Journeys is to facilitate opportunities for spiritual growth and personal development through the various healing modalities, spiritual practices and ancient wisdom teachings that are traditional to the sacred region we are journeying. 

Dependent on the region travelled, Yoga, Meditation, Shamanic Ceremony & Ayurveda Detox retreats will be made avilable to enhance and facilitate your inward journey, connecting you even further and deeper to your sacred surroundings and personal spiritual path.


Sacred Spirit Journeys offers unique, custom-made tours intertwining a deep inner spiritual journey with a powerful outer experience of some of the most sacred places on earth.  

We offer the following spiritual journeys:

*Sacred Journey India & Nepal

*Sacred Journey Burma

*Sacred Journey Peru

*Sacred Journey Egypt & Jordan

*Sacred Journey India


♥ Welcome to Sacred Journey India, where secrets of relaxation, rejuvenation and revitalization become revealed to us through the ancient wisdom teachings of Yoga & Ayurveda.  We will journey to Rishikesh, home of Yoga in its purest form and one of the holiest cities in India; we will visit the Taj- Mahal, an outstanding majestic monument and one of The Seven Wonders of the World, and we will spend time in an authentic and highly traditional Indian Ashram, undergoing an Ayurvedic Panchakarma Detox, the oldest known natural health care & spiritual system in the world  

♥ Sacred Spirit Journeys will take you into the heart of the Middle East to Egypt & Jordan where we will venture to ancient and mystical tombs, temples & pyramids, to the beautiful beaches and sublime mountains of Sinai, to the majestic deserts of Wadi Rum, to the rose colored city of Petra and many more of the deeply spiritual sites and places that are present in this region. This journey will include two 5 day yoga retreats in outstanding natural locations.  

Sacred Journey Peru will take you deep, deep into remote parts of the Amazon Jungle, to little known Shipibo villages to learn and experience ancient shamanic customs, rituals and traditions. It is here we learn that every plant, tree and flower is a true teacher and as we journey deeper, through sacred Ayahuasca ceremonies, we become more sensitive to their spirits, learn to hear their voices and eventually become ready to receive their teachings. We will journey to Maccu Picchu and travel to the Sacred Valley, famous for its shamanic roots, Incan ruins and outstanding natural beauty.  

Sacred Journey India & Nepal follows closely in the footsteps of the Buddha, taking you to the most revered and spiritual Buddhist sites on earth, including Bodhgaya, place of Buddha's enlightenment; Kushinagar, place of his Mahaparanirvana; and, Lumbini, place of Buddha's birth. The spiritual weight of this ancient Buddhist pilgrimage has been likened in strength to the power of many months spent in silent retreat, offering karmic merit that is invaluable. As we journey along this route, we come face to face with ancient and powerful wisdom teachings capable of transforming the heart and mind.

Sacred Journey Burma will take you on a Buddhist pilgrimage through a country renowned for its enlightened teachers, for a faith and devotion to Buddhist practice that is unparalleled and for its magnificent and inspiring spiritual temples. This Journey will include a 10 day meditation retreat at a tradtional Burmese monastery.  

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