This months contemplative thoughts

“Introspection will ultimately allow you to see your true self in the mirror of your heart.”


“Today is a day of new opportunities. Let me not lose them by dwelling on the past.”


“Today dissolve each obstacle by considering it to be a gift.”

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Valley of the flowers

'High in the Himalayan ranges of Garhwal hills of Uttaranchal lies an enchanted valley. Here flowerful pastures with clear
running streams are set against silver birches and shining snow peakf. Dew lies

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The Sacred Retreat “Isle of Avalon”

Joseph Rosado, a former “Guardian” of the Chalice Well and Gardens in Glastonbury, England, brings vast experience, knowledge and wisdom of healing retreats, sacred sites and spirituality for your benefit. He has guided thousands of pilgrims and spiritual seekers through the Sacred Well and Gardens, assisting them in fully experiencing the wonders of this holy sanctuary.

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Sun Temple of Konark in India

Set marvelously on the beautiful coast of the Bay of Bengal, the Sun Temple, Konark is a testimony of a gracious and mysterious past. Konark’s serene atmosphere coupled with a quiet sea-shore is regarded as a perfect place for holidaying for domestic as well as foreign tourists. Konark forms one of three points of “Golden Triangle of Orissa”, the other two being Puri and Bhubaneshwar.

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