A Sacred Journey Retreat in Ireland (Recommended)

Each of us has a most right and perfect path...one that is revealed when a level of Anam Cara has been acheived with our own soul. It is the conscious act of pursuing this relationship that is our own Sacred Journey. We each will choose how to make the journey based on what our souls desire. There is no path that is right or wrong. One must follow their inner compass when deciding what direction to take to finally become a soul friend to self.

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Renewal of Purpose

Inner Temple Retreats

Looking to spend a little time at the beach and experience the ocean while improving your physical and mental wellbeing? Here are three uplifting retreats for your spirit in Panama, Indonesia, and Portugal!

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Go Green this Summer and Smooth Out! Nutritional Health Tips for Vibrant Healing

OK so it has taken me this long (40 some years) – and well into menopause, midlife crisis, chronic fatigue, sleep disorders, and depression – to finally GET IT: Want to feel good again? Check this out….

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All About Ayurveda

Ayurveda Health Retreat in Florida

Originating in India, Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old philosophy of holistic health. Ayurveda, meaning "lifespan knowledge", focuses on preventing illness through natural remedies. These two retreats in the beautiful states of Florida and Hawaii practice and teach Ayurveda while offering luxurious, peaceful accommodations!

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