Mind & Body Spa Treatments

The benefits of spa treatments are immeasurable. The opportunity for men and women to take time out from their busy lives to indulge themselves at a spa is reward enough.The added gain of a healthier body, flushed toxins, more flexible joints make them that much more appealing.

Spa treatments may include nutritional counseling, exercise routines, and a number of other mind/body techniques, such as Reiki, body wraps, salt scrubs, and mud baths.

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This is the latest in medicine, effective for cancer!

Lemon (Citrus) is a miraculous product to kill cancer cells. It is 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy. Why do we not know about that? Because there are laboratories interested in making a synthetic version that will bring them huge profits.

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Indigenous Well-Being Massages

New and different well-being therapies, such as hot stone massage, are constantly being added to spa treatments. There are a number of massages alone which utilize different cultural methods to reach those sore, illusive muscles:


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Modern Spas Yield Ancient Beneficial Outcomes

Spa interiors

Some people recoil at the thought of the scientific intrusion into a spa. They feel strongly that the ancient combination of natural oils, mud and massage techniques are the purest form of the spa experience. Yet, there is no doubt that science and technology often improve the health and beauty spa, with beneficial enhancements that advance the design of spas and hot tubs, skin renewal agents, moisturizer and a host of other products while not disturbing the tenet of melding the mind, body and soul which is the creed of nearly every spa.

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