Four Wellness Retreat Cruises to Renew Your Spirit

yoga at sea

Gone are the days of gluttonous cruises, where the buffets were plentiful and the most activity you got was getting up from your sun chair to change outfits for cocktail hour. These days, cruise-goers are looking for a different experience, one that refreshes them in mind, body and spirit.

Wellness cruises are rapidly growing in popularity amongst fitness enthusiasts, yogis, spa-lovers and those who just want to feel good and increase their good health. No matter what your wellness-related pleasure, there's a cruise (or a cruise amenity) for it:

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Spiritual Festivals in Bali

Spiritual Festivals

Much as we in the Western world take time off our usual work to be with our friends and family, people in Bali often take time out of their day to honour locally recognized gods and deities. These events are a great way to get insight into the minds and motivations of the Balinese people … simply

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