Healing in the White Sands of Antigua

The Crossroads Centre Antigua was founded by guitar legend Eric Clapton to be a place of healing and rehabilitation. Located on the pristine shores of Antigua, an island in the eastern Caribbean approximately 261 miles southeast of Puerto Rico, it is an ideal location for anyone who requires respite from the noise and confusion that very often serves as the engine behind drug and alcohol addiction. Since it was opened in 1998, the Crossroads Centre Antigua has provided residential care in a supportive environment for hundreds of people who have sought recovery.


The Centre’s Philosophy

The Crossroads Centre’s philosophy is based on the belief that addiction is a disease “characterized by a dependence on substances, people or behaviors," according to crossroadsantigua.org. As a consequence of these dependencies, many feel as though they have lost control of their lives, which only serves to worsen their physical, emotional and spiritual duress, and consequently, to exacerbate the problems caused by addiction.

The Crossroads Centre believes it is necessary to make an internal commitment to abstinence and that a change in lifestyle will promote the healing process. There is a peaceful atmosphere and a well-trained staff to provide patients with the support they need so that they may begin the difficult path to recovery on their journey to abstinence from alcohol, drugs and compulsive behavior.

Why Antigua?

On top of being a tropical paradise, Antigua is remote enough to assure a high degree of confidentiality and anonymity to those who seek treatment at the Crossroads Centre. Situated on a pristine waterfront, the centre allows patients the ability to discover a sense of serenity that may be elusive in less tranquil environments. As a sense of inner peace must be promoted in order to facilitate the program’s holistic approach to recovery, the Crossroads Centre works diligently to maintain an atmosphere of tranquility that is devoid of the feverish pace that characterizes so much of modern life.

While the centre may have been successful on almost any island in the Caribbean, Antigua holds a special place in the heart of Eric Clapton. He has said that he has always felt the island to be “a safe place, a serene place where one can begin the process of healing from even the most devastating events and life situations." Furthermore, as Mr. Clapton became familiar with the island, he found that drug and alcohol abuse had become a major problem for Antigua.

As a recovering addict himself, he felt that there was a need for someone to step in and do something about this issue. In 1993, he began to seriously pursue the idea — to found a facility to affordably and treat drug and alcohol addiction on the island, one that was both affordable and of the highest caliber. Before the end of the decade, the Crossroads Centre Antigua had opened its doors, and it continues to operate as a non-profit thanks, in part, to the efforts of Mr. Clapton.

Visiting Loved Ones at Crossroads

Families play an integral role in the recovery process. As the disease of addiction often creates many dysfunctions within the family, Crossroads strongly encourages participation in an onsite, four-day intensive family program. Crossroads has the facilities to accommodate families during this four-day program. There are numerous other options, such as the Willowby Heights Guest Houses, along with several resorts close to Crossroads for families once this four-day program has come to an end. As the island is only 108 square miles in size, it is very difficult to be too far away.

However, for those who cannot make the trip down to Antigua, something as simple as sending red roses to a person undergoing treatment can make a huge difference. It will show them that you care. It will most certainly make the path to recovery more pleasant.

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