Yoga holidays in Greece

The meaning of Yogais the experience of unity, harmony and oneness. It is an experience involving body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Where did it originate?
Yoga first arose more than ten thousand years ago in India. It grew from the need to develop an understanding of the various aspects of our experience, from the physical through to the subtle. Throughout history it has proved an invaluable tool for dealing with the challenges of human existence.

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Featured Holistic Retreat in Ireland

The LHOA holistic spiritual retreat in Galway, Ireland, has become a well-known and reliable source for complementary therapies. Here you learn how to achieve Perfect Health by creating harmony between body, mind and spirit. Led by Bearnairdin The Little House of Avalon has served thousands of people over the last 12 years through its educational programs and services.

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Walk of the Week

The little town on the way to Achill Island is so good they named it thrice (at least): Mulranny, Mallaranny and An Mhala Raithní, the 'ferny hilltop'.

Whatever about the name (and the Irish version is pretty accurate -- the place lies below bracken-covered hills), I only knew Mulranny as the place you passed on your way from Westport to Achill Island. I must have driven through the town a dozen times

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On a wing and a prayer

With more than 300 million people traveling each year for religious and pilgrimage reasons and with annual revenues that exceed $18 billion, faith tourism has become a significant global industry that extends from cruises to volunteer vacations. Fueling extra interest in 2010: the 375th anniversary of Germany's once-a-decade Oberammergau Passion Play, a rare exposition of the Shroud of Turin in Italy, and Spain's Camino de Santiago. The ancient route to Galicia, whose cathedral reportedly shelters the remains of James the Apostle, typically draws more visitors when the saint's Feast Day, July 25, falls on a Sunday, as it will this year.

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